Enhancing energy and water efficiency by reducing consumption ensures environmental sustainability.

Energy Management


Enhance your building’s energy efficiency with our plant optimisation solutions

Increase your energy efficiency, lower operating costs and reduce your overall environmental impacts with our energy management products, solutions and services.

Chiller plant Remote Monitoring HVAC Plant optimisation

Chiller Plant Optimisation

Improve chiller efficiencies, manage your energy use and save money with a custom-designed ITD Smart Systems Chiller Plant Optimisation (CPO) solution.

We use Johnson Controls Chiller Plant Optimisation (CPO) software to optimise your plant performance and increase your energy efficiency savings.

Chiller Plant Optimisation solutions are designed according to your building’s needs, efficiency goals and budget.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your building’s systems and energy use from ITD’s remote monitoring facility.

With advanced technical knowledge of chillier plant optimisation (CPO), chiller plants, building management systems and controls we are able to make adjustments to your facility remotely, as and when they are needed – reducing call out costs and preventing unnecessary discomfort and downtimes.

HVAC Plant Optimisation

Smart plant optimisation solutions can enhance your HVAC system’s efficiency and longevity. 

Approximately 60% of your buildings energy use could be connected to your HVAC system. It therefore makes sense to ensure it is optimised.

Our multi-dimensional understanding of controls, mechanical engineering, thermodynamics and programming allows us to operate and optimise your plant in a way few others can.

Leveraging on cutting edge technology including machine learning algorithms and computer logic, we continuously adapt and optimise your facility’s systems for the most efficient, energy and cost saving results.