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facilities, products and people

We deliver operational simplicity, enhanced effectiveness and cutting-edge protection solutions.

Experience facilities-wide integration of all of your protection systems with our state-of-the-art monitoring software.

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Fire Systems

Fire Detection

We install, monitor and maintain a wide variety of smart early warning detection systems ranging from small single alarm panel systems to complete, networkable solutions for large-scale applications.

Fire Suppression Systems

Our fire suppression systems provide cost effective and environmentally conscious solutions to your fire protection needs. When compared to other ozone damaging products our smart systems are a long-term planet friendly option for your buildings or facilities.

Suitable for all of your facilities’ needs our systems are installed in accordance with South African National Standards for Clean Agent Gaseous Systems (SANS14520) and meet all server room, electrical switching room, transformer room, generator room, UPS rooms and document storage area requirements.

The gas used in our fire protection systems is harmless to humans.

Protection Systems

Access Control

Improve your security, prevent intrusion, manage and regulate access to your buildings and facilities and enhance your productivity with our smart access control solutions.


Monitor, manage and protect your building, products and employees 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Public Address

Providing a range of public address systems which help to address people at a given location for both emergency as well as routine communication.

Nurse Call

Nurse call systems for hospitals and medical and frail care centres.