HVAC Solutions

We design, supply, install and commission Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) systems, for comfort and environmental control.

(HVAC) Solutions

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Optimise your HVAC efficiency, reliability and comfort.

Optimising your facilities climate control is key to enhancing your organisational performance and production.

Operating extensively in the industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical air conditioning markets our advanced HVAC solutions cater to all your heating, cooling, energy, and green-building-certification requirements.

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HVAC Contracting

We create energy-efficient HVAC systems designed to meet all of your comfort and process cooling or heating requirements.

Our expertise further extends into highly specialised solutions for unique applications such as data centres, cellular phone switching hubs, laboratories and surgical theatres.

From air- and water-cooled chillers and central air-handling plants to single-package units and VRV systems our experienced contracting designers and engineers deliver reliable and cost-effective climate control solutions.

Dust Extract

and Filtration

We install and maintain basic as well as specialised filtration for pharmaceutical, medical, cleanroom and various scientific applications. Our dust extraction and filtration solutions cater to all BSL3, zoonotic and microbiology laboratory requirements.

We also provide specialist air quality solutions focused on:

  • Kitchen extract systems with UV filters
  • Fume extraction from various processes
  • Dust extraction with special attention to explosive atmospheres and products requiring high containment


Safe buildings and workspaces rely on a constant supply of fresh air and the removal of any contaminants.

The quality of your building’s or facilities air protects your staff, improves performance and protects their health. Good clean air also stops the spread of viruses.

Improve your air quality and workspace performance with our ventilation solutions. Our specialised solutions meet both your human and machine requirements and include:

  • Fresh air systems, with or without heat recovery
  • Toxic and hazardous extract systems
  • Smoke extraction and fire safety
  • Compressor and UPS ventilation

Modular Plant


Reduce time on site, remove on-site health and safety issues, improve the quality of your installation and prevent unnecessary plant shutdowns with our custom modular plant solutions.

We manufacture and install modular plants that include air handling units, heating systems, cooling and chiller systems, pump stations, generators, water treatment and solar systems among others. All manufactured off-site in a clean and controlled environment under our strict ISO9001 quality control system, using superior tooling and accuracy.

Our modular plants are built in our factory, tested and commissioned, then delivered to site complete and fully operational. A real “plug and play” solution.

Ideal for clients operating in remote locations, on tight timeframes, and where high levels of quality are required.


and Air Quality Monitoring

Surveying your current HVAC system before you plan your upgrade can help to prevent unnecessary changes and significantly reduce costs.

Using the most advanced equipment available we can survey your systems for:

  • Air flow measurements and balancing
  • Fresh air quantities that meet building regulations
  • Air quality (Co2, particulates / DOP testing / lab testing of results)
  • Temperature and humidity measurements and monitoring
  • Water flows
  • Water balancing
  • Data logging and continuous measurement
  • Internal duct cleanliness

A detailed report with improvement recommendations and costings is provided after each survey.


Today, there are many factors involved in creating the structures in which we live, work, visit and play. 

From shrinking your facility’s carbon footprint and delivering a healthier indoor environment to cutting energy costs – we help you respond with the widest HVAC solutions and service portfolio possible.

We design and create energy-efficient HVAC systems tailored to fit practically any comfort and process cooling or heating application.

With over 70 years of experience, at ITD you’ll find a deep understanding of environmental challenges, energy performance and green-building-certification.

Working together with you, our in-house engineers and solutions team survey your current facility conditions and design smart solutions that meet your needs.


and Commissioning

Stringent monitoring of environmental conditions is mandatory for pharmaceutical, medical, food production and life sciences production facilities.

We understand that the validation and commissioning of HVAC systems in these controlled environments is essential and can therefore ensure your businesses’ regulatory compliance.

Adopting a risk-based approach, we can ensure compliance to both FDA and GAMP. We offer specialised turnkey validation and commissioning solutions including air quality measurement, pressure balancing and documents control.